How to install Windows and Linux – part1

how to install windows and linux part 1

How to install Windows and Linux – part1 , in this episode first we take a look on software and hardware requirements that are essential for this task! There be some really important explanations about our primary goal – making a really cool pc-configuration with two separate operating systems, Windows and Linux.    

Hardware requirements:

  1. Empty memory stick 4GB or higher
  2. PC Desktop or Laptop computer
  3. Hard disk 100GB or higher
  4. cd rom (optional)
  5. Bios – user’s manual

IMPORTANT: Before you proceed make sure you do backups! Save all your  valuable data on some external hard drive because this is going to be a fresh install and your data will be lost!

IMPORTANT: Before you proceed make sure you know how to enter BIOS!!! otherways you will not be able to boot your live usb or DVD-ROM! You need to grab your user’s manual that came with your Laptop or Desktop Computer motherboard or you can search it on the internet!

There is one more thing, there are two types of installation, one is using bios and two is using modern bios called uefi. First one is related to older hardware(bios) and that version will be covered in this tutorial. Installing on UEFI will be covered in How to install Windows and Linux – part4. GPT scheme. Some new motherboards Laptops or desktop configurations already has built in options to use both, bios legacy or uefi.

Software requirements:

  1. Existing Windows installation – do not wipe your current installation yet!
  2. Unetbootin – you need to download this program
  3. Windows – some windows version
  4. Linux Ubuntu – you need to download your new Operating system



First we gonna use the existing windows operating system because we need it to make a bootable media for this new dual booting system (in my case (Windows 8.1 & Linux-ubuntu 18.04). You’ll need to download unetbootin program for making bootable usb drive. (needed for booting linux from it)

When all that is done and a bootable media is ready, we are going to wipe  existing operating system and put a new one using bootable media. Simplified, you will first install Windows but leaving some extra space for Linux Ubuntu System.

When we finished you will have two operating system on one computer, and you will be able to choose! This is how it will look like! One more thing to know! – Linux is Operating System and this is not a program that you can install directly on Windows! It’s good to know the difference between this two systems!

Setting bios device priority

In this tutorial i was making a fresh install on my kvm virtual machine using 100GB hard drive. You will do something similar “splitting hard drive space equal” or what ever you like!

how to install windows and linux part 1 - motherboard user's manual
User’s manual (ilustration)

I also assume you have some decent knowledge about computers and you already know how to install Windows. Be sure you know how to enter Bios, so please find more information regarding your Laptop / Desktop computer motherboard manual. If you want more about bios you can read this article!

This is very important because using the right parameters in Bios “we are going to tell” computer where to find our temporary operating system (on usb stick).

Installing Windows on my virtual machine – simulation for this tutorial

I must admit during writing of this tutorial, ( i was installing windows 8.1 on my virtual machine trying hard to remember how the heck i was making my first Linux ubuntu live usb-stick. Dam! It was really long time ago and first thing i do is – ive google for it!

I found that Today’s beginners do it with Rufus application, and that approach didn’t work for me. Later on, “it come back to me!” Back then we use to download unetbootin, and that stuff is still working fine.

Last resort – if you fail doing your bootable Linux ubuntu usb-stick you can still burn iso image on some empty DVD, or maybe you will have more luck with Rufus application, i will also give you a link where you can download it. Maybe this application didn’t work for me because i was making a tutorial in virtual machine …anyway regarding a burning iso dvd to be honest, this was the “old school” we all did it way before usb-stick was available.I hope you really enjoy reading this first article “How to install Windows and Linux – part1” i was really trying to simplify the most crucial things needed for this setup.

Now, let’s do some work! Click on the continuing topic!





Author: Krunoslav Kralj

Im Linux enthusiast from Croatia using Linux for 13 years! My first Linux was - Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon), released on 18 October 2007. After some time iv'e switched to Centos 6. Im still using Ubuntu for my daily tasks, and i really miss my Centos 6 which reminds me to some older versions of Ubuntu.

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