How to install Linux and Windows – dual booting

Installing Windows and Linux

How to install Linux? – well, there are two or even more ways of making your “Linux boxes”. Many people install VirtualBox on their Windows operating systems, (a program also called hypervisor) on the top of which they install Linux virtual machines. – and yes, you can do it this way but disadvantage is you never experience true power and speed of Linux operating system. If you really interested how to install Linux and Windows read this introduction.

Since you  probably coming from a Windows world (and many of you already know how to use their computers) the best recommendation is to install Linux on a clean hard disk. I will also consider in mind that many of you still haven’t enough courage to completely switch to Linux, so i will make you have both! Yes, both!!!

You can have Windows and Linux on the same computer, and you will be able to choose which one you need at a time! – so i guess i am not so evil after all!! 😀

Monty Python - Get on with it

Two type of Linux installs recommended  by

  • Installing Windows and Linux – dual boot
  • Installing Linux only – for really brave users

I will promise not to make jokes about less-courage users, because installing both systems still have a huge advantages for those people who are highly dependable on Video editing and still can’t get rid of those highly addictive computer games.

Installing Windows and Linux – dual boot

This option is for normal people who just want to learn something new. If you install both you can choose which operating system you want to use.

Installing Linux only – for really brave users

Install Linux only is for medium-crazy people who are very decisive to change their lifestyle. You need a real determination for this option because there are no turning back.

This is one way street, you will left behind all those precious hours and days you’ve spend on gaming just like you gonna live forever and time doesn’t really matter.

You can also say goodbye to those excitements when you receive warnings about all variety of viruses. No more advertising no more pesky updates and no more licensing. – this stuff is really gonna miss you. (joke).

Maybe this is a good time to also mention where you can find more information about Linux Ubuntu distribution that we are going to install.

Are you ready? Let’s install linux today! I have a few more things to mention before we start!  The next topic is start using Linux today!

Author: Krunoslav Kralj

Im Linux enthusiast from Croatia using Linux for 13 years! My first Linux was - Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon), released on 18 October 2007. After some time iv'e switched to Centos 6. Im still using Ubuntu for my daily tasks, and i really miss my Centos 6 which reminds me to some older versions of Ubuntu.

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