Which Linux distribution is good for me?

Linux Ubuntu usb-stick

Do you ever wonder which Linux distribution is good for me? – actually this question is very simple, just use Linux Ubuntu. Why Ubuntu for god sake?!? Well, this is the most easiest Linux distribution for beginners! – It’s very user friendly, and later on you can switch to something else! There are plenty of Linux distributions out there, and all of them are good for some special purposes. Which one is good for you? Let’s find out!

I was using CentOS 6 for a very long time, but later i realize that was too much trouble. Ok there are many available links on ubuntu website, you probably wonder which to choose? – the answer is you should download Desktop LTS version which simply means L-long T-term S-Support. Those version usually have a long support period and that’s the one i strongly recommend.

My history using Linux – story short

I’ve switched to Linux in 2007, honestly i am not 100% sure maybe it was earlier … – anyway, i was using Windows like everybody else, and one day my friend suggest that i should consider switching to Linux. Back then there was OpenSuse linux distribution, and that was my first Linux distribution i ever tried. That was a real disappointment. It was really strange experiance, and i remember one silly thing that “push me away”.

I was having a real pain loging into system, i didn’t know that writing password doesn’t produce any trace in terminal, there was no “stars symbols” when i was typing my password” and to configure everything was a really hard to do.

Linux tool that was able to boot directly from cd

I was reading some computer-magazine, and there was a linux image called PartedMagic (or something like that). – OMG! That was coolest stuff i ever seen! I was burn this image to cd,  and later i booted directly from cd, all things was already configured! This was my ultimate tool for repairing broken computers and rescuing data. This Linux-based tool was able to boot from any crushed “windows box”.

Later i realized there was even better tools for repairing broken windows, and that tool was my first Linux ubuntu. After Ubuntu i was switching to CentOS 6 it was really stable operating system but this is something that is more focused to be a real server (without gui).

Installing applications on Centos was really difficult at the time and kernel (the system core) was evolving too slow. Centos 6 still reminds me on those old Linux Ubuntu versions which was really great before arriving gnome2 desktop environment. To be honest, the best version for beginners is Linux Ubuntu. Let’s install it right now!





Author: Krunoslav Kralj

Im Linux enthusiast from Croatia using Linux for 13 years! My first Linux was - Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon), released on 18 October 2007. After some time iv'e switched to Centos 6. Im still using Ubuntu for my daily tasks, and i really miss my Centos 6 which reminds me to some older versions of Ubuntu.

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