Why should i consider using Linux? – Changing lifestyle

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Do you remember those trivial decisions at the beginning of each new year? Are you ready to change your lifestyle? – Yes, your lifestyle! This is just like you decide one day to get rid of all bad habits and start doing all kinds of excercizes. Do you ever ask yourself why should i consider using Linux?

The same goes with computers and operating systems, because nowadays, daily use of computers can certainly be considered a kind of¬† a lifestyle. This year 2020 you’ve come to right place, leaving behind all your precious time wasted on computer games (probably thinking you going to live forever).

…but time really matters. You can’t back the time! So make something useful, do some projects or learn something new each and every day! Buy some old pc and build your first Linux box, and you know it’s a really quiet and pretty productive environment in such boxes!

Why should i consider using Linux?

If you are asking why should be using Linux, well there are plenty of reasons like:

  • security
  • stability
  • knowledge
  • productivity
  • freedom


Linux is very robust operating system which is designed to be a part of internet infrastructure. There are many organizations world wide using it, and the main reason is about its complexity. Curious? Wanna find out which companies using Linux?


Linux is designed to be a part of internet infrastructure so it simply must be stable. While you using Linux just forget about bsod this will never happen, this “boxes” are designed not to break so easily.


If you planing to use Linux you are going to gain so much knowledge which is now days simply necessary.


There are tons of free applications for everybody! You are probably coming from a “Windows world” like myself, in linux we have equivalents for almost all proprietary¬† software. For example, if you’ve used Word app on Windows you will find free equivalent of such program on Linux like LibreOffice.


Linux is free, you have to buy a pc and some books. Knowledge is power.

Maybe now is the good time to think which Linux distribution is good for you, and to be honest there are plenty of it! Which distribution is the best? That question is hard to answer, each distribution is good for something but only one is good for beginners! Find out which distribution we recommend on linux2u.org!


Author: Krunoslav Kralj

Im Linux enthusiast from Croatia using Linux for 13 years! My first Linux was - Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon), released on 18 October 2007. After some time iv'e switched to Centos 6. Im still using Ubuntu for my daily tasks, and i really miss my Centos 6 which reminds me to some older versions of Ubuntu.

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